20/20 A Year of Clear Vision December Update

Many of our anchors from around the world have reported in with their progress in setting up their Community Sharing Circles. We have nearly 40 groups ranging from 6 to 15 people, in eight countries, that are in the process of getting to know one another.

Because we will be asking people to engage with challenging material over the year, we’re taking time to reassure those with concerns, and to clarify the flow of the resources we will share with these groups. We recognize that the learning curve may feel steep for those without prior experience of this unique way of communicating, but the form has proved itself a very supportive container for honesty and deep sharing. We believe the exploration will not lock people into fear, anger or despair, but to allow deep concerns to be voiced and released in the space of possibility and transformation.

From a Buddhist point of view, we must first open to the suffering of the world, starting with our own, before it is possible to engage with an open heart in a transformative way. Meeting with reality as it is does not have to be a dive into darkness but rather an opening into possibility.

One More Thing – A Weekend of 20/20 A Year of Clear Vision

There will be a Wangapeka Community event, February 14 to 16, that we’re calling 20/20 A Year of Clear Vision – Poised in the Present. Everyone connected with the Wangapeka is welcome. Here is a link to the event details.