Daily rates
These accommodation rates are for solo retreats and Wangapeka run retreats guided by our Lineage Teachers. If the centre is booked by an outside group they may have different cost structures please contact us for more details.

We offer the member discount after one year of current membership. Read about and apply for membership here.

All prices are subject to change – please check with the Centre when booking. During longer stays, the rate for non-members reduces to the members rate after the first 30 days. Camping prices remain the same.

Base daily rates for food and accommodation


Units and Huts:
Member:  $48
Non-member: $58

Member: $30
Non-member: $33

Costs for children:
Age 4 and under: Free for food and accommodation.
Age 5-13: accommodation $10 (camping $7), and food $13.
Age 14 and over: adult prices.

If using Paypal please add 5% of the total cost and include with your payment to cover Paypal’s fees – many thanks.

Additional charges:

  • For courses with a cook there is also a cook’s cost and there can often be money collected for teacher’s travelling expenses.
  • A charge will be made for transport in the Centre’s van from Nelson or Kohatu.
  • Course materials are also extra
  • Dana for the teacher is not included in the daily rates

About Dana
It is important to note that most Dharma teachers do not receive fees for their teaching but are dependent on the generosity of student donations. One of the reasons no set fee is given by the teacher is so that all beings, no matter what their financial situation is, are able to come and receive teachings.

Dana refers to “a gift freely and joyfully given”, and therefore the giving itself and the actual amount given is to be determined by students themselves. Another way to look at what’s appropriate for working persons is to multiply the hours of teaching by your own hourly rate.

Sangha Support Fund
A Sangha Support Fund is available for anyone needing financial assistance with accommodation in order to attend retreats at Wangapeka.

Sangha Support can assist with accommodation costs only, not food costs, and the amount available will depend on the Sangha Support Funds available to the Centre at the time.

If you are keen to participate in a course or retreat, but have limited funds, we urge you firstly to be creative in finding other avenues of support for yourself.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask friends
  • Ask your family
  • Ask your Dharma group
  • Seek work

Here are some stories shared
One person has spoken of how she took on a street cleaning job as well as her regular job to fund attendance at a retreat. She spoke of the energy and passion propelling her forward.

This from a woman two months before one of Tarchin’s retreats. She had no funds. “I’m going to do the retreat – no question about it,” she told me. Her aspiration and determination were so strong I immediately put my hand in my pocket. She received money from family and friends and $500 from a person she had only known for a few days. She did do the retreat.

Many others speak in a similar vein to the above i.e. knowing passionately you want to do it (skipping the how)… and finding that it happens.

Applications for Sangha Support
If you need to apply for Sangha Support to support your retreat, you should do so in writing to The Caretaker, Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre, RD2 Wakefield, Nelson, New Zealand, at least four weeks prior to the course you wish to attend. You may also email this to Wangapeka caretaker at Please state your situation and how much you are able to contribute yourself.

If assistance for a longer or solo retreat is required please contact the Wangapeka Board Secretary via the Wangapeka Caretaker:

We are continually seeking donations for this fund. If you would like to make a donation or support a particular meditator, please forward a cheque to the Centre. If you wish to make a direct credit into our bank account, please email our caretaker for details.

Retreat Cabins

These cabins can be booked for individual retreats.
Please ask our Caretaker for details.

Hire of the Centre

If your group would like to hire our Centre please contact our Caretaker at:

Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre
R.D.2. Wakefield 7096
New Zealand
Phone: (03) 522 4221