The Wangapeka Educational Trust is dedicated to:
Supporting all beings in awakening to Wisdom and Compassion through the cultivation of Non-clinging awareness. Fostering open-hearted inquiry into the profound interconnectedness of all manifestations of life; Encouraging healing of body, energy and mind both for individuals and for the community at large.

With roots in the great traditions of Dharma (the teachings of awakening), the Trust aspires to:
Be free from any sectarianism, and; Encourage the development of many appropriate expressions of these teachings of healing and awakening, in ways that are meaningful to beings from all walks and persuasions of life.

During your stay at the Centre you are invited to abide by five precepts of skilful living:
1. to refrain from harming others.
2. to refrain from stealing.
3. to refrain from sensual misconduct.
4. to refrain from unskilful speech.
5. to refrain from taking substances that cloud the mind and hide the openness of the heart.