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We have many publications.

Books published by Wangapeka Books are available in print, pdf, and digital formats (Kindle and Kobo).

There is a Teachings section of the website, and some of the “Teachings”  are available in pdf and digital formats. These listed here.


Wangapeka Books

Wangapeka Teachings in pdf and digital formats

Newsphere Newsletter

Here are links to our Newsphere letter in e-Book formats. Now you can enjoy reading it all in one place and at your own pace.  With Love from the Wangapeka.

Newsphere August 2020 – Issue #5

10/07/2020 – Newsphere – August, 2020

Is available in [pdf] format.

Newsphere July 2020 – Issue #4

10/07/2020 – Newsphere – May, 2020

Is available in [pdf] format.

Newsphere May 2020 – Issue #3

26/05/2020 – Newsphere – May, 2020

Is available in [pdf] format.

Newsphere April 2020 – Issue #2

10/04/2020 – Peace Out in Lockdown – Newsphere April 2020

Is available in [pdf] and Apple Books [epub] formats.

Newsphere March 2020 – Issue #1

02/03/2020 – Newsphere — March 2020

Wangapeka 2019 A Year in Review

Is available in [pdf], Amazon Kindle [mobi], and Apple Books [epub] formats. This is a collection of Newsphere Articles for 2019 and a bit of 2018.