Volunteer Opportunities

The Wangapeka land is beautiful and staying there can be of mutual benefit for people and place. The Centre has been built on volunteer love and labour and we rely on this flow of energy to support the teachings and practice of Dharma. You are welcome to apply.

Application Form – [pdf document] [word document]

( Please e-mail completed form to centrecaretaker.wangapeka@gmail.com.)

What kind of work would I be doing?

There is a whole range of work depending on skills and interests. Indoor work includes housekeeping and cooking while outdoor work includes gardening, clearing tracks, firewood, maintaining the drive and building maintenance such as painting, cleaning and carpentry repairs.

How long do volunteers stay for?

The centre welcomes volunteers for short or long periods but one month is a typical stay.

Can I take part in the courses and retreats?

The short answer is yes, you are welcome. Please note though that some of the deeper and longer meditation retreats are restricted to experienced people.

What is the Wangapeka about?

Please read some more of the website but briefly, the primary purpose of the centre is to foster an attitude of open-heartedness and natural curiosity into all the wonders of life, to encourage healing in a deep and pervasive way for the benefit of all beings, and to support the growth of wisdom and compassion through deepening awareness.

How much does it cost?

There are two levels of volunteering; free food and accommodation for five hours work per day and free accommodation for three hours work per day.

Where do I stay?

Currently, volunteers stay in either an accommodation unit or a retreat cabin. Soon, the new 3 unit volunteer building will be complete and volunteers can stay there.

How does the food work?

During retreats and courses a cook is on site. Between courses, you share cooking or cook for yourself. The kitchen is accredited for vegetarian food.

Any limitations at the property?

Wangapeka requires reasonable physical fitness as the centre is on a hillside

What attributes make for a successful volunteer at Wangapeka

  • The ability to self-manage and seek opportunities to contribute
  • Take initiative
  • Work well alone and with others
  • Eager to learn new skills
  • Have a commitment or interest in Dharma