Volunteer Opportunities

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre (the Centre) is a place of beauty and to serve here is an opportunity to both give and receive. This exchange has been happening for nearly fifty years as the Centre has been developed and maintained on volunteer love and labour. We continue to rely on this flow of energy to support the teachings and practice of Dharma. If you would like to participate as well you are welcome to fill out our volunteer application form at the foot of this page.

What kind of work would I be doing?

During 2023 construction of a new building is underway and the builder is looking for hammer hands – let us know if this sounds like you!

Otherwise there is a wide range of work and in most cases there will be something to suit your interest and skills. Tasks and projects include housekeeping, gardening, track maintenance, lawn mowing, weed control and building maintenance including painting and repairs.

How long do volunteers stay for?

The centre welcomes volunteers for one to two weeks initially. Sometimes there’s an opportunity to stay longer if the arrangement is working well

Can I take part in the courses and retreats?

If there’s a retreat coming up and you would like to join in with parts of it, that can sometimes be arranged. It needs to be agreed with the teacher and course manager in advance. Talk to us about how to do this while remaining a volunteer.

What is the Wangapeka about?

The primary purpose of the centre is to foster an attitude of open-heartedness and natural curiosity into all the wonders of life; to encourage healing in a deep and pervasive way for the benefit of all beings, and to support the growth of wisdom and compassion through deepening awareness. Please explore our website to understand more about what happens here.

How many hours am I expected to work?

The centre offers free food and accommodation for five hours work per day. After six days’ work there is one day of leave.

Where do I stay?

Depending on who else is on site volunteers either stay in a shared house or in a separate unit or cabin.

How does the food work?

Usually cooking is shared with the caretaker or other volunteers, however cooking for yourself is an option and occasionally during group retreats and courses you may be able to have meals prepared by the on-site cook.

Any limitations at the property?

Serving the Wangapeka requires good physical fitness and mobility as the property is hilly and buildings are spread out.

What attributes make for a successful volunteer at Wangapeka

  • Willingness to serve
  • Ability to work alongside others
  • Ability to self-manage and work alone
  • Interest in keeping shared spaces tidy and clean
  • Enthusiasm for work
  • An active interest in personal growth
  • A commitment to or interest in Dharma

Volunteer Application Form