Enjoy a Healthy Tax Rebate When you Donate to the Wangapeka

The Wangapeka is a charitable trust and we exist thanks to your generosity. We are an approved donee organisation, so the IRD will happily give you a beautiful big tax rebate on your donations to us. Here’s how it works…


If you are a New Zealander and you have a taxable income, you can claim back 33.33% of any donation over $5 that you make to the Wangapeka Educational Trust. All you need is a receipt from the Office Caretaker.

Simply download the form (IR526) from the IRD website and you can claim back all donations for the previous financial year (April 1st – March 31st). You can do this from 1st April each year.


If you are making a donation as a business, this can be claimed as a business expense (providing you are making a profit), this reduces your annual profit and income tax to pay at the end of the financial year. This can result in savings of up to 28%.

If you have any questions about making a donation to the Centre, please contact Office Caretaker Faith who will be happy to help as she can.