Welcome to the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre, owned and operated by the Wangapeka Educational Trust. We are located in the foothills of the Southern Alps overlooking the Wangapeka River, about an hour and a half drive SW of Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand.

The Wangapeka is a place to study the teachings of Wisdom, Compassion and Non-clinging Awareness.

This vision of an engaged, non-sectarian, universal teachings has energised the Wangapeka and its activities over the years, and we acknowledge the contribution and support of our seven guiding teachers or elders: Tarchin Hearn, Mary Jenkins, Bonni Ross, Matthew Eades, Keith Rowan, Mark Schrader and Shelley Szybowski.

They carry a vibrant, living vision of the teaching and dharma traditions of the Wangapeka, and though none are currently resident at the centre, they all visit and give regular retreats here, and are living reminders of what this great project is all about.

Our Centre is available for individual healing and meditation retreats. Group activities cover topics such as Meditation, Healing, Therapy, Art and Craft work and various types of Body work. Retreats range from weekends to several months in length.

Many visitors comment on the peaceful and healing atmosphere at the Centre. This is undoubtedly due to the natural beauty of the place and the great amount of meditation that has been done over the decades. Possibly even more important than this though, is the fact that so many people have given freely from the heart to build a place that would be of benefit to all beings.