New Teachers Cabin 2022


Project Status – Submitted information for TDC Resource Consent and are waiting.  We received Building Consent on November 13th, 2022.

Fundraising Status – As of October 2, 2022 we have raised $163,950.54 in gifts and firm pledges towards our goal of $250,000.

What’s On This Page?

Here you’ll find out “Where the idea came from?”, “The Aspiration of the project?”, “What the Site Plan looks like?”, “What has been done so far?”, “Who can I contact to learn more?”, “How do I Donate?”, and “How much have we raised?”

Fundraising Progress

Individual Donations

 Gifts  Pledges  NZ  International
 Earlier   $33,310  $100,000   2   1
 June 17   $200   1
 July 4   $150   1
 July 4   $1,000   1
 July 6   $111   1
 July 7   $200   1
 July 8   $246.25   1
 July 14   $500   1
 July 19   $1,000   1
 July 26   $12,000   1
 Aug 3   $2,413.66   1
 Aug 5   $10,000   1
 Aug 10   $240.65   1
 Aug 15   $108   1
 Aug 18   $50   1
Sep 1   $2,000   1
Sep 2   $108   1
Sep 22   $250.91   1
Sep 29   $62.07   1
 Total  $63,950.54
  14  7

(updated October 2, 2020 NZT)

Project Information

Here is a letter from Jane Hobday, Graham Sandlant, and Glenn Harley talking about how the idea of a new Teachers Cabin came about.
[link to letter –]

Here is a video discussing the Aspiration for a New Teacher’s Cabin.
[link to Aspiration video –]

Here is a video describing the Site Plan for the cabin.
[link to Site Plan video –]

Here is a video showing the beginnings of the road in to the site and the parking pad.
[link to Road In video –]

Here is an Aerial Tour of The Wangapeka.
[link to Aerial Tour video –]

Project Status

We’ve submitted plans for “Resource Consent”, and we are ready for the step after that named “Building Consent”. This “Consent Process” will take time and we foresee “Building Consent” being given late in the year. The phase after “Consent” is called “Set Out”. It’s when we begin building. This is likely to happen in 2023. That’s a while from now.

Donation Information.

For People Living In New Zealand

Bank: Westpac NZ
Account Name: The Wangapeka Educational Trust
Account Number: 03–0703–0156597–000
Payments should be marked as “Donation” and “The Dwelling”

For People Living Outside New Zealand

Account Name: The Wangapeka Educational Trust
Account Number: 03–0703–0156597–000
Reference: Dwelling Don

People outside New Zealand can make deposits directly into the New Zealand account using money transfer services from their bank, or online with services like If using then use the reference “Dwelling Don”, and use the Wangepeka Centre e-mail address

More Information

Please contact Jane at for more information.

With Love,

New Teachers Cabin 2022 Project Team
Jane Hobday, Glenn Harley, and Graham Sandlant