Wangapeka has been blessed by a succession of skilled people who have come to lead retreats and conduct courses and workshops, some of these are people are listed below.

  • Namgyal
    Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche
    Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche
  • Tarchin Hearn
    Tarchin Hearn
  • Lama Mark Webber
    Lama Mark Webber
  • Bonni and Mila
    Bonni Ross
    Bonni Ross
  • Chimé Shore
    Chimé Shore
  • Leander Kane
    Leander Kane
  • Keith Rowan
    Keith Rowan
  • Jangchub Reid
    Jangchub Reid

  • Mark Schrader
    Mark Schrader
  • Mira Riddiford
    Mira Riddiford
  • Jaime Howell
    Jaime Howell
  • Jonathan Chambers
    Jonathan Chambers