22 - 25 Nov 2024


5:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Earth Body Human Body with Chani Grieve

Friday 22nd – Monday 25th November 2024


“You need go no further than your own body to understand the Universe.”  – Namgyal Rinpoche

Weaving together movement, meditation, art and science, in this retreat we will enter the studio/laboratory of our own human experience. We will observe, contemplate, explore, play, and come to understand some of the patterns that shape our own lives and all of life.

Our human bodies are the doorway to our personal, ancestral, collective and planetary history, and the vehicle for liberation in this life. They show us the way to remembering and realising our fundamental wholeness. Through our loving attention and intention, we will honor the intimate relationship between healing ourselves and restoring our world. As we align our human body with the self-healing mechanism of the earth body, we ourselves become the medicine so sorely needed in our world.

Join us as we embark on a restorative, creative, experiential and illuminating journey into our interbeing nature, to bring healing, insight, liberation, and joy to our lives.

This retreat will be supported by assistant teaching from Duncan McKay

In this retreat you will be supported by :

  • connected movement sessions using Feldenkrais, chi gong, and gentle somatic practices
  • guided meditation suitable for beginners and those with experience
  • creative enquiry and contemplative art explorations of the theme
  • evolutionary biology and the natural sciences and how they provide a foundation for human unfolding
  • ample time for rest and personal practice
  • delicious vegetarian food
  • the healing beauty and support of the Wangapeka whenua


This retreat is suitable for adults of all ages. It may be of particular interest to those in healing/education/environmental/scientific/creative professions, people with health challenges needing a gentle, attuned and embodied approach to healing, and anyone curious about how the body guides our natural unfoldment into wisdom and compassion.

About Chani

Chani Grieve was born into a dharma community in Tasmania, and has been a dedicated practitioner of meditation and body-centred modalities for over 17 years, sharing her experience since 2012. She graduated from the 4-year Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in Melbourne in 2013, and has been weaving movement and meditation together ever since. She works as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Embodiment Trainer/Facilitator, and is passionate about sharing with people the power of working with the body to liberate our creativity, joy and full potential, by accessing the natural laws of growth and unfolding encoded in our bodies. Chani is a mum to a joyful and active toddler, and is now walking the awesome, difficult, and deeply satisfying path of motherhood, and the beautiful challenge of integrating the essence of our world’s wisdom teachings into the nitty gritty of everyday life.

About Duncan

Duncan is an experienced meditator, Tai Chi practitioner, artist and maker of jewellery. He lives in sunny Nelson with his partner Diane and makes and sells jewellery in galleries throughout NZ. He also works part time at the Nelson Library. Upon leaving High School he completed a degree in Geology and worked in this sphere for a number of years. He has maintained a strong interest and love for earth history and processes. It is this and the wonder experienced in observing the patterns in nature that drives the jewellery making process.

Since travelling with Tarchin Hearn to Central America in 1989, Duncan has maintained a dedicated meditation practice over the last 35 years. Duncan has attended a wide range of meditation retreats primarily at the Wangapeka Centre, and has studied with with Tarchin Hearn, Bonni Ross and many other Teachers. Another strong area of interest is the human body, our evolution over time and how we function in the world. He studied Tai Chi and Chi Gung in Auckland over a number of years, and has studied various forms of body work and massage. Maintaining a current Tai Chi and Chi Gung practice, body awareness and fitness is an important facet of his life.


Private single room or hut

Members : $272
Non-members : $302


Members : $218
Non-members $227

Costs are inclusive of 3 nights accommodation, fully catered vegetarian meals and snacks, a cook’s fee, and a small course resource fee. It does not include Dana for the facilitator.

Dana is the practice of generosity. In accordance with the tradition of liberation teachings, Chani offers her facilitation freely. You are welcome to offer Dana/Koha as a gesture of appreciation. It is an offering from the heart, according to your means.

If the cost is a barrier for you, Wangapeka has a Sangha Support Fund and you are welcome to apply for assistance to attend a retreat. Information about the Fund can be found on the Costs page under the About menu, or here.

Information and Registration

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