20/20 A Year of Clear Vision November Update

We are happy to announce that the program for the year of exploration has launched. Over 40 individuals in seven countries have responded to the invitation to anchor a Community Sharing Circle. November/December is a time for the anchors to gather their groups together and to troubleshoot any potential difficulties prior to beginning in January 2020.

We are busy responding to questions in order to help people feel comfortable with what the Community Sharing Circle process is all about and why it is a skillful way of engaging with the material we are going to explore. Some of the challenges arise from those whose first language is not English and it is deeply satisfying to work with motivated people to create a truly international community.

We have a website up and running at 2020ayearofclearvision.com where we will post feedback summaries from all the different groups over the year, as well as links to the Namgyal Legacy aspect of the project. There is an active link to this website from the Wangapeka website. Our current resource files will be uploaded and regularly updated in order that interested people can get some idea of what has shaped the exploration. For those who are interested but not able to connect with or create a local group, we hope to craft something that will enable a different level of participation and commitment. Keep tuned for further information.

We invited 34 Teachers and Community Leaders who were directly influenced by Namgyal Rinpoche to submit teachings by video. These will give a flavour of how some of Rinpoche’s students have made the teaching their own and how vibrant the response to present causes and conditions can be. Twenty of them have responded positively. To date we have received eight video teaching submissions that we will begin posting in the Namgyal Legacy page on our website in the new year.

We will add another update in the next newsletter which will come out just prior to the launch of the exploration in 2020. Thank you all for your interest and engagement with the process.

The Clear Vision Team