A Fruitful Springtime of Community by Jaime and Juliana

Excerpts from A Fruitful Spring Time Of Community… The Immeasurable School in Brazil by Jaime Howell and Juliana Griese

“My wish is that more young people have the opportunity to be supported and uplifted by this type of work. It is good medicine for our whole world.” Kushla 2019 Participant

Here you find yourself on the threshold of mingling with a story. We think this is a good story to know and share. It is about young people finding refuge in a contemporary way, wrestling the questions of how to live well on an arguably troubled earth.

The Immeasurable School is supporting capable, creative, compassionate, confident young beings with standing and voice. During our time in Brazil we danced and cried as we were stretched to include it all in the embrace of love, clear seeing and patience. It was wonderfully fresh and enlivening to leave the shore of the known and journey into the heart of dharma in this foreign land.

What is the school about? Why Brazil? Who came? What did we do? What are the outcomes through the voices of the participants? What next?

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I’m leaving this school with a felt sense understanding of belonging within life, a sense on how to live and commune well in the world, a confidence on how to face the challenges of our time, an aspiration of meeting everything with kindness and interest. A deeper appreciation for life and friends on the path – Julian Schwob 2019 participant