A Fund Raising Opportunity – A Request for Support

A Wangapeka Fund Raising Opportunity

After almost three years of planning, obtaining resource consents, building permits, cost estimates and tactical discussions, the Centre is moving ahead with its plans to develop a volunteer and member’s accommodation block on the site of Mike Elliott’s old workshop and caravan. We would like to give a big thank you to Keith Rowan for obtaining Council consents and designing the conversion and to Pierre Mitchell for his unceasing support to see this project happen.

The Board of Trustees, it’s maintenance sub-committee and caretakers are acutely aware that, as the Centre approaches its 50th birthday, buildings, gardens, forest and facilities on site need increasing amounts of maintenance and upkeep. The workload for this is high and there appears to be a steady stream of volunteer enquiries to support the Centre. The challenge with utilising this volunteer goodwill has been the capacity to manage the volunteer labour over extended periods of time and to have a place for them to stay, particularly when retreats are in progress. The conversion of Mike’s workshop will solve the accommodation problem and at the same time be a resource space for Wangapeka members to use.

The development of the site is planned in two phases. The first phase is about to start with the Trust funding the conversion of the workshop into three sleeping units. These might also be used as two units and a common room. This work begins on November 1st 2021 and we hope will be completed early by the New Year. The second phase will see the installation of a prefabricated kitchen and bathroom next to the accommodation and then connected to a new septic tank and grey water system. Eventually, Mike’s caravan will be dismantled and removed. The caravan has done a great job and is still used but it is due for retirement. Its removal will free up a splendid flat area of land with views for possible future development ideas.

Phase 1 of the project is being funded from Centre resources plus a generous donation of from the Mirror Trust. The cost of this phase will be approximately $70,000.

Phase 2 of the project will need a major fund-raising effort from January 2022. A further $70,000 will need to be raised over the coming year. The Board of Trustees is inviting members and friends of the Wangapeka to get involved in this fund-raising effort. We principally need someone / people to act as either a fund-raising campaign manager or committee. We do have experience in this area from the last major fund-raising effort and members who can advise on best methods. The main ingredient we need is energy and enthusiasm for the Centre. Over coming month’s, we want to develop a social media publicity and crowd funding drive plus other innovative ideas on how to raise funds.

The Board is inviting anyone interested in this effort to get in touch with Tim Leyland via secretary.wangapeka@gmail.com. Furthermore, the Board is offering to host any interested people at the Centre over the weekend of November 27th / 28th to view and discuss the project and how to fund raise for it.