A Very Special Baby Blessing by Elli Yates

Stardust, Starlight and a very special blessing of babes!

On a stunning, sunny Sunday morning as the Stardust, Starlight retreat was settling in, the group of retreatants gathered in a circle in the Main Hall for a very unique and powerful experience. Holding a white cord of protection and blessing, the group encircled the 3 families who had been invited to come – Elli, Willow and Sol; Ronnie and Felix (Ross unfortunately couldn’t be there); Shea, Chani and Orla. Guided by Bonni and supported by incredible wholesome forces, seen and unseen, all beings present took a vow to support these very young people in all ways, and particularly spiritually, throughout their lives. It was potent, magic, joyous, and deeply moving.

A brief reflection by Elli Yates :

Wrapped in the support of our sangha circle, I felt affirmed as Sol’s mum. Our journey into parenthood has been shaped in part by hospital visits, medical jargon, unknowns and grief. There have been many moments I have longed for a ritual that would offer guidance and acknowledgement on the path as we get to know our beautiful son. And to look around and realise all these people are wishing us well, are literally and spiritually there to support us, I was completely at ease.

The experience filled me with confidence that we are the right people at time right time in the right place for Sol, and him for us. We are part of a much bigger weaving that is as ungraspable as it is real. To be reminded of that at the beginning of a retreat with our wise teacher and loving sangha in full presence was the most perfect gift I could have received.

What an honour it is to usher new life into this world, allow him to guide; show up for what his fresh and knowing spirit is here to teach us, particularly in these early days before language, concept and ego have fully landed. I feel deeply connected also to Orla and Felix and their unfolding as babes in our ‘village’, excited to share in the journey of raising these gorgeous kids together.

Deepest thanks from the Milligan-Yates whānau.