A ‘What If?’ Poem by Ross Inness-McLeish

A ‘What If?’ Poem
By Ross Inness-McLeish

What if your attention was a love song?
Your awareness a holy offering.
Indeed, the most holy of all offerings.
What if your attention was the greatest gift you have to give? Great enough to transform your humble breath
And your simple footfall into a passionate kiss for the wild Earth. And what if loneliness was just a dream
And lovelessness an illusion?
For what if the sun had forever been loving you
With each moment of light, and the moon,
And even the darkness too.
And the earth and her million glories had always been holding you In a seamless embrace.
And what if you loved like that also?
Loved this life so fiercely you saw beauty in the ugliest of places? And wounds became wonders.
If you loved so much that even pain had a purpose.
If even the most terrible of things would find a place to rest
At last in your heart.
What if all this earth really needed was for us to remember?
For us to be here,
Really be here.
For our hearts to open like the spiralling arms of a galaxy.
For us to surrender our tight bones into turquoise seas
And to gather together in the high mountain pass
And circle around the fire
And beneath the mandala of the trees.
And for our tears to rain freely on all the seeds patiently waiting. What if our attention was a love song?
Our awareness a holy offering
And this moment and every moment
A kiss for the passionate Earth.