Being A Trustee Of The Wangapeka Educational Trust by Pierre Mitchell

As I sit here in front of my computer facing a blank screen, I reflect on the reasons why having been a trustee has enriched my life so much and the lessons I have hopefully learned. So many memories, so many thoughts, so many emotions, sadness and joy, disappointments and celebrations, where do I start?
For me, being part of a team has been a big lesson. My natural inclination is to work by myself, independently of others. Well, this attitude is certainly detrimental to a team spirit and I have learned that there is much joy in being part of a team. I have learned to do my best to express my own views and opinions as clearly as possible and then to let go of the outcome, as the outcome reflects the wisdom of the team.
I have learned to listen carefully to others honouring that there are many views that are expressed and that these are as valuable as mine. Working as a team has also helped me develop more self confidence in talking in public and there is still much confidence to be gained.
Being part of the board has helped me with commitment by attending board meetings unless unable by force majeure and by putting my hand up when work is required, even when I felt I had had enough for the moment. I have learned to appreciate the feeling of reward when a goal has been achieved and to celebrate with others.
Over the years, I have made new friends and enjoyed new relationships. I have learned much about the Dharma by being with Dharma friends. I know that some friendships will last a lifetime and I rejoice in that thought.
I am a different Pierre than I was at the beginning, more loving and caring and happier. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and to grow.
Many thanks to so many beings, much gratitude in my heart for having had this experience and of course, a big thank you for all those delicious board meeting lunches, yum!