Bonni’s Cultivation of Peace Workshop by Jane Hobday and Noreen Cambon

The beginning session for Cultivation of Peace with Bonni Ross took place this morning (2019.07.14) in Nelson, NZ when folks on chairs or cushions made a circle in the spacious plant-filled room at Wellness Movement. Planet Earth sat resting in the middle of our circle.

Bonni began with a gentle pondering as to what peace might feel like for each individual in the room to a contemplation on how all living beings, from the smallest living matter to the largest – a blue whale seen recently in a rare appearance in the waters off Haida Gwaii – has its own sense of peace.

What is yours? What does it feel like? How can each of us help to bring peace to the world, a world now facing possible extinction? Where do we start?

We started with the support of the earth under our bodies. We visualized, felt or imagined our aspiration for peace or serenity gently above our heads; an uplifting reference point we can always to return to.

We were guided by Bonni in a process of noticing, calming and harmonizing the different sense organs. We were encouraging, inviting and welcoming peace into these areas of the body systematically. First we investigated the eye on our dominant side and explored sensations throughout this area including the connection to the brain via the optic nerve. We then repeated the process for the non dominant eye and lastly we spent some time balancing and harmonizing the two eyes.

We explored, calmed and gently released any perceived distortions or tensions in a similar way for the ears and the whole apparatus of hearing, the nose and all that is involved in smelling and also the throat, mouth and jaw pertaining to tasting and speaking. To explore the sense of touch we moved through the body, first reconnecting to the image of peace above our heads, then slowly descending through the body on the dominant side first, allowing feelings of peace and serenity to finally travel through our feet into the earth and be available for others.

After the guided meditation we passed round a beautiful piece of pounamu and were given the opportunity to just hold the stone with our thoughts and blessings or to say one or two words about our experience. Some of the words people in the circle shared were hope, support, community, strength, home, wow, wonder, dynamic, tender, deep space, deep love and warmth. We went our separate ways with, what felt like, many warm hearts and an encouragement to practice. We will meet again on the second Sunday in August for the planting of more seeds of peace. Thank you so much, Bonni, for offering this precious and timely opportunity for us to culivate peace together. Sarva Mangalam Sarva Mangalam Sarva Mangalam

Sarva Mangalam Sarva Mangalam Sarva Mangalam