Brazilians on Retreat with Jangchub at the Wangapeka

Lovely experience with lovely people in a lovely place

Jangchub would often tell us the importance of organising retreats outside of our home country. That would get us out of our comfort zone by living in different cultures. I never thought I would, but I cheered up when I heard him say “Next year, I’m going to facilitate a retreat in New Zealand!” In fact, I committed myself when I asked him for a challenge and he said: “So let’s go to Wangapeka? It’s a unique experience!”. The trip planning brought sanity from the chaotic year I was living through. I prepared myself for the cold because Brazil is much warmer. But my first shock was the dishwashing process at the Wangapeka was completely different from Brazil!

As an authentic Brazilian, I love summer. But I was surprised by the beauty of autumn. The colours of the leaves, the sky, the freshness of the air passing through my clothes. The mountains looked like strong ribs that lay on the river. The walking tracks brought a sense of ever-deepening integration with nature. Each sunrise was unique. Sometimes cloudless, sometimes I felt like the cloud itself. Watching the sunrise from the top of the hill in Omahu hut was a gift on my last morning in Wangapeka. Gazing at the Wangapeka valley and letting go into that spaciousness.


The Wangapeka facilities were so warm, as were the caring people that were there. There was care for our nourishment and our general well-being. I was deeply touched by each of the human beings who shared their time with me so generously.
Every meeting with the Lama was a balm and the teachings were like a blessing to every cell in my body. I feel grateful and privileged for being able to receive all these gifts. It was definitely a unique experience and worth every second.

I will definitely never be the same.
Natasha Bontempi


Natasha was one of the Brazilian participants of the retreat “Returning to the Source” facilitated by Lama Jangchub Reid.

We are very grateful for the Wangapeka Community (humans and all other beings) that supported this retreat into being. A rich multicultural and inspiring experience in the intention of awakening!
Ana Paula Ueti and Juliana Griese