Celebrating Wangapeka 2019 – A Year in Review

Wangapeka 2019 – A Year in Review is a collection of writings from our Wangapeka website and Newsphere newsletter published in e-Book form. 

For Wangapeka members it’s a trip down memory lane to events we participated in, and an opportunity to expand and engage with the whole community. With over 20 events, in 2019, and 7 Elders guiding us there is a lot going on. For people new to Wangapeka, here is a record of what we do.

We’ve had a community Hui, Tarchin’s 70th Birthday, Brazilians on Retreat, lots of caretaking, people stepping down and people stepping up, a new cat named Norman, and for 2020 we’re supporting community sharing circles via our 2020 Clear Vision project

The e-Book has been published in [pdf], Amazon Kindle [mobi], and Apple Books [epub] formats.

With Love, Wangapeka Communications.

ps. the epub version is very nice 🙂

pps. To view, or download, click on one of — [pdf], [mobi], or [epub].