Dwelling in the Vast Expanse by Chani Grieve

The new cabin is complete!

On the new moon of Sunday March 10th, around 40 people gathered in the morning sunshine to celebrate and share in the blessing ceremony for the new cabin, Vast Expanse Hermitage. It was a joyous occasion!

Speeches by the cabin team Jane Hobday, Glenn Harley and Graham Sandlant gave us a very personal sense of the depth and breadth of the project; the inspiration and devotion that were the heart of the project, the time it has taken to gestate and come to fruition, the many levels of support both seen and unseen, and the incredible dedication of the people who have laboured to complete the building.

Messages sent from afar were read out, and again gave a sense of the wide reach of this project, how it has touched and inspired people, and how it is blessed and supported from all over the world.

Bonni offered a brief teaching, to remind us of the field of blessing we all exist in constantly, and invited each of us to connect with that in ourselves, before we were invited to enter the cabin in that state of blessing to offer our own hearts and good wishes to the building and all who may benefit from its existence.

The whole event was a beautiful and powerful reminder of what is possible when beings put their trust in Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and how that is an incredible gift that uplifts and benefits all.