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Mindfulness and More with Tarchin Hearn [Spaces Available]

Feb 21, 2020 @ 5:00 pmMar 15, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Friday 21 February to Sunday 15 March 2020

*** Please Note: This retreat has 3 spaces available. ***

*** To attend this retreat, please register below. ***


A fusion of wisdom, compassion and healthy community

Three Weeks of Contemplative Exploration with Tarchin Hearn

The heart of mindfulness – love and clear seeing – arises out of the life and living that we are. Everything interconnects. Relationship is the foundation of beingness and in this we are simultaneously ancient and timelessly fresh. Continuously gestating, a womb of thusness, this world and universe is our primordial mother.

Mindfulness is far more than a meditation technique, it is a way of wisdom that flowers naturally from the earth of a healthy world. Cultivating mindfulness we reconnect with the wider life of the planet and realise our true home.

It begins as a stirring, a breath of wonder, a moment of intuition,

a quiet knowing of rightness

an insight you didn’t know you always knew.

Everything is interdependent with everything.


We sit with the implications.

We collide with the world not seeing this.

And through that painful tragic crashing

A yearning for refuge and a desire to live meaningfully becomes strong.

Details proliferate; generosity, wholesome relating, patience, skilled use of energy,

A blossoming of caring and enquiry,

an inherent inquisitiveness, precise and playful

And we discover a new way of life and living.

Exploring embodiment

Exploring en-mindment

Dancings of knowings responding to and with dancings of knowings,

Glimmerings of understanding, mind and knowing, and the interbeing nature of experience.

Dawnings of confidence and capacity

Solid in beingness

Perfumed with loving, wise relating

A life-long journey of maturing into humanness, as we release into the mystery,

striding beyond paths and pathways

Seamless, ineffable, spacious and open, this body of dharma,

compassion unfolding

celebrating the ordinary with lightness and wisdom

we realise true home.


Daily group sessions with Tarchin will bring together contemplation, meditation, discussion and movement, exploring the meeting point of mindfulness and deep ecology and place in the world.

More information about Tarchin and his teachings see:



Contact the course manager

Juliana Griese: jugriese@gmail.com



The costs include accommodation, food, cooks fee, and a resource fee.

Accommodation in huts or units

Member: NZ$ 1,725.00 

Non Member: NZ$ 1,955.00

Camping accommodation

Member: NZ$ 1,426.00 

Non Member: NZ$ 1,495.00

If you wish to camp, you will need to bring your own camping equipment. Please also write “Camping” on the registration form.

To guarantee your place, please click the Register Now button and make NZ$100.00 deposit to the Wangapeka account.

Dana for the teacher:

In the Buddhist spirit of dana, or the practice of generosity, Tarchin has never charged for classes or teaching.  He has also never received money for his books. (All profits from his books go back into publishing or towards supporting various retreat centres, scholarships, and charitable activity.)  He relies entirely on the generosity of people who feel his work is worth supporting. A ‘dana box’ will be available in the main hall in Wangapeka.  

Generosity begets generosity.  Beauty flowers further beauty. May it continue.

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Feb 21, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Mar 15, 2020 @ 2:00 pm
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