31 Jan 2023 - 06 Feb 2023


5:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Beginning Again! An Introductory Meditation Retreat for All

For beginners and those with experience

Tues 31 Jan 5pm, to Mon 6 Feb 2023 2pm



Where do I start?
I’ve never done a retreat before.
There is so much going on in the world. How can meditation really help me and others?
I wish my busy mind could be more quiet and calm.
Silent for 6 days – how could anyone do that?


This annual retreat, now in its 10th year, is an opportunity for anyone wishing to develop or refresh a regular meditation practice in a supportive retreat environment. For those new to meditation, it is an opportunity to build your confidence, receive encouragement, and ask those questions you think everyone else already knows the answer to! For people with experience, it will provide an overview, context and skilful tools that will enhance your existing practice as well as supporting you in any future retreats you attend.

Together we will study and practice the meditation on breathing, one of the oldest and most effective practices known, that has been taught and practiced continuously since the time of the Buddha. It is a rich meditation that supports our experience of inter-connectedness with all of life by developing focus, calm and clarity of mind. The practice is founded on, and naturally supports, a commitment to living an ethical life. It is designed to lead us gradually and skilfully from wherever we are right now, to the full experience of healing and freedom made possible through meditation.

The course is predominantly silent and provides the opportunity to learn, strengthen and enliven your individual practice of the breathing meditation. There will be practice instruction and opportunities for questions and sharing in the group, which are a rich source of learning for everyone. There will also be time for individual practice, including space to enjoy just ‘being’ at the Wangapeka Centre – a truly beautiful environment. To support the deepening of practice participants will also be guided in gentle movement classes, bringing relaxation and ease to body and mind.

This retreat is offered as a practical path designed for those who aspire to live in the world more wisely and compassionately. Taking this time for retreat is a true gift for yourself and others, and will equip you with the confidence and skills to practice well in the midst of your daily life.

The facilitators of the course, Chani Grieve Kath Mitchell and Mark Schrader, are all experienced meditators who bring their creativity, care and skills to this retreat.

*Note – Those who have completed this retreat in previous years are most welcome to attend again.


Course fee – includes food, accommodation and a resource fee.

Non-members – $684 plus dana/koha

Members – $624 plus dana/koha

Camping option – $546 non-members / $516 members plus dana/koha

Dana/Koha – the Teachings are offered freely although you are invited to offer the facilitators dana/koha as an expression of your generosity and support for the Teachings

About Chani, Kath & Mark

Chani is a Feldenkrais Practitioner who has been weaving together meditation and body-centred modalities for over 17 years. Chani has shared movement practices in the Introductory Retreat since it began 9 years ago. She enjoys the collaborative approach to teaching that this retreat offers, as it celebrates the wisdom of the group and enriches the experience for all involved. A student of Bonni Ross, she maintains a dedicated personal practice that is the central inspiration for her work. She offers classes, workshops and retreats in New Zealand and Australia.

Kath completed her first meditation retreat with Tarchin Hearn in 1989. She has studied with Bonni Ross for over twenty five years and continues to cherish this precious opportunity. Kath and her husband Mark share a deep commitment in the Dharma and enjoy practicing and teaching together.

Kath teaches meditation in a collaborative style. She offers courses and retreats regularly at Wangapeka and in Nelson. She loves to practice Dharma in community because the wisdom of the group is a powerful and beautiful path to transformation; and that is always a joy to witness and experience together!

Mark has appreciated co-facilitating Community Courses at Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre, the introductory meditation retreats – Beginning Now & Don’t Just do Something-Sit There, and the Transforming our Emotions course. He has an extensive background in meditation and has had a regular daily practice for many years.

Mark has a respectful style of teaching that encourages each person to touch into their own inherent wisdom. He teaches with humour and kindness. He began working in the field of Mental Health about 20 years ago and currently works as a counsellor in Nelson.

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Kath Mitchell


Kath Mitchell

Welcome to the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. People visit from all over the world to meditate and enjoy the peace of this remarkable destination. The Wangapeka is a purpose built retreat centre, with fresh clean air and beautiful vistas. It is very quiet and ideal for respite, stress relief and deep meditation. We have a meditation hall, solo retreat huts, a main hall for dining and community, and a fully catered kitchen and an onsite vegetable garden.

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Meditation Centre is a Universalist centre home to a wide range of teachings, paths, and studies. Retreats are held on Mindfulness, Vipassana, Insight, Heart based practices, Loving Kindness, Calm-abiding, Metta, Compassion, Conscious Movement, Nature, Forest Walks, Yoga, Dance, Feldenkrais, Wellness, Wellbeing, Archetypal Integration, Western Mysticism, Non-Duality, Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings with Empowerments and Sadhana Practice.

We are located in the foothills of the Southern Alps overlooking the Wangapeka River, about an hour and a half drive SW of Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand.

We have meditation retreats throughout the year, have huts available for solo retreats, and welcome bookings from external groups. There are also opportunities available to work on our land. Come and enjoy this uniquely vibrant and peaceful centre.

355 Wangapeka River Rd
R.D.2. Wakefield 7096
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 522 4221

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