Meditations on the Twelve Examples of Illusion with Lama Mark Webber

Unfortunately this retreat has been cancelled due to travel difficulties.
The retreat may be able go ahead later in 2022.

Meditations on the Twelve Examples of Illusion
Supported by teachings and transmissions of Dzogchen

14th – 27th March 2022

Lama Mark Webber will be guiding us to understand the nature of Suffering, Emptiness and Compassion through explanatory teachings and introducing us to profound meditations. He will draw on instructions from classic Buddhist Insight traditions and the Twelve Examples of Illusion from ancient Indian Mahayana sources.

We are very much looking forward to having Lama Mark back in NZ to teach this retreat in person. However there are still a few uncertainties around the Covid situation which may impact his ability to travel. The back-up plan is to have him join us at Wangapeka via Zoom, for dedicated teachings.

We expect to be able to make further announcements in the coming weeks with regard to costs and any requirements relating to covid.

Please direct any questions to the Course Manager:
Jonathan Chambers
p: 021 1860 476


14 - 27 Mar 2022


All Day

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