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Service as the Path (2024)

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Service as the Path

Wangapeka: March 2024—October 2024

Service is at the heart of Awakening — by giving our energy with the intention to wake up, and to support others in this great work, we open consciously into the stream of generosity which sustains all beings.

History and Vision

Wangapeka has a rich heritage of service that began with a dedicated group of Dharma student-volunteers who, almost 50 years ago, collectively worked to create a Dharma Centre within the beautiful whenua of Wangapeka. This culture of service has continued over decades and is at the heart of Wangapeka.

More recently, over two years, a diverse group of Wangapeka members have been evolving a vision, having huis, working in small groups, and consulting Elders, about responsive ways we might continue to live well, in service to the Dharma and Wangapeka. This mahi continues, as a sign of health, in accordance with those earlier volunteers.

This initiative is beginning to grow roots. “Service as the Path” is a new opportunity for those interested in coming to Wangapeka to offer service to the Centre, to practice and study dharma together in a small community, for the benefit of all.

This “Service as the Path” experiment has its roots in questions around how we might discover new, sustainable, and collaborative ways to support the beautiful whenua and Dharma community-in-action at the Wangapeka.

Who and What?

The small group who attend will dedicate to be at Wangapeka as a service community for varying periods of time over a 6-month period beginning in March 2024, while the usual Wangapeka retreat programme is running. The minimum time-period to join will be two weeks, and the maximum 6 months.

Kath Mitchell and Mark Schrader have accepted an invitation and made the commitment to be at Wangapeka over these 6-months, to lead Dharma community study and practice and to support people’s individual meditation practice.

“Our aspiration is to offer a continuum of dharma presence, practice, and guidance at Wangapeka, with an emphasis on community service-in-action, for those present at the Centre. How this specifically manifests will evolve through the ongoing interaction with the people who come to participate.

Daily meditation practice, weekly community sharing circles, and Dharma inquiry and focus, will be at the centre of the programme.”

Bonni Ross has offered to provide guidance to individuals coming for longer periods of solo retreat (three weeks or longer). She will be available for initial and/or ongoing consultation if requested.
Other mature practitioners, such as Matthew Eades, Jane Hobday, Graham Sandlant and Karen Harley will also be involved in various ways.

Through the collective generosity of so many, the new cabin project is nearing completion. Bonni Ross and Matthew Eades’ aspiration to live and practice in the cabin for extended periods, offers deep and pervasive Dharma support to the Wangapeka Centre, community and to the “Service as the Path” initiative.

“Service as the Path” is whole-heartedly supported by the Board of Trustees in principle and practice. For example, by offering reduced costs for accommodation depending on the length and focus of your stay.


There are opportunities to join “Service as the Path” in different ways:

Wangapeka Centre Work Service — specific tasks to support the ongoing running of the Centre and retreatants, and a commitment to individual and community meditation practice. This would be on a work exchange basis for accommodation and food.
Meditation Retreat Work Service — practicing meditation in a retreat environment with support, with a commitment to individual and community service and practice. Accommodation costs adjusted for longer term participants.
Long Term Solo Retreat — deep meditation retreat time for experienced practitioners. Three weeks or longer, solo, in a hut (or camping, in season). Mature practitioners with confidence may practice on their own.  Support with some cooked meals might be possible. Accommodation costs adjusted after two weeks.

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you! Please send your expression of interest to

Please share:

  • Your aspiration/inspiration for “Service as the Path”
  • Any specific interest regarding dharma and practice
  • When, and for how long you are interested in attending.
  • Skills that you can offer at Wangapeka.
  • Any questions you have

Co-ordinator Role for “Service as the Path”

We are looking for someone who would like to offer service as a coordinator in this community for six months, during “Service as the Path.” This person would be offered food and accommodation at no cost.

This role involves:

  • Communicating daily with Kath, Mark, Centre Caretaker, Land Caretaker and Office Caretaker
  • Helping co-ordinate volunteers and tasks
  • Overseeing admin and coordinating arrivals and departures from the centre.
  • Costings for participants
  • Food budgeting and ordering

Please contact Kath with an expression of interest for the co-ordinator role.

If you would like to offer support to “Service as the Path” in any way, please let us know.

Contact Kath:

Thanks for your interest.

May all beings be well and happy, may all beings be free!



Welcome to the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. People visit from all over the world to meditate and enjoy the peace of this remarkable destination. The Wangapeka is a purpose built retreat centre, with fresh clean air and beautiful vistas. It is very quiet and ideal for respite, stress relief and deep meditation. We have a meditation hall, solo retreat huts, a main hall for dining and community, and a fully catered kitchen and an onsite vegetable garden.

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Meditation Centre is a Universalist centre home to a wide range of teachings, paths, and studies. Retreats are held on Mindfulness, Vipassana, Insight, Heart based practices, Loving Kindness, Calm-abiding, Metta, Compassion, Conscious Movement, Nature, Forest Walks, Yoga, Dance, Feldenkrais, Wellness, Wellbeing, Archetypal Integration, Western Mysticism, Non-Duality, Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings with Empowerments and Sadhana Practice.

We are located in the foothills of the Southern Alps overlooking the Wangapeka River, about an hour and a half drive SW of Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand.

We have meditation retreats throughout the year, have huts available for solo retreats, and welcome bookings from external groups. There are also opportunities available to work on our land. Come and enjoy this uniquely vibrant and peaceful centre.

355 Wangapeka River Rd
R.D.2. Wakefield 7096
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 522 4221

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