Farewell by Jane Hobday

Where we live, near the magnificent Motueka River, there was a brilliant swimming hole. For years, we locals refreshed ourselves in the cool running water every summer. The severe floods of February 2018 altered the river and the swimming hole became less accessible. The same floods, however, opened a beautiful spot just upstream which was too dangerous to swim in before. As I contemplate the end of my time on the Board (for now anyway) I am curious to see what will show up next. There isn’t any strong reason why I have decided to step down. It’s a sense that the time is right to make room for new energy as we start a brand new decade.

So much has changed at the Centre since I first joined the Board and I have gained heaps by working with and meeting such committed people. It seems that always more is received than is given. I am often quite overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and quality of what is given by so many to support the Wangapeka Educational Trust and our Centre.

I especially want to acknowledge the Elders for their dependable, reliable support and unwavering example of how to live the vibrant vision with deep integrity. Also to fellow B.O.T. members past and present, committee members, caretakers, volunteers and those who teach, facilitate and turn up to attend retreats. Thank you.

I would highly recommend overcoming any doubts or reservations and stepping forward to be part of the Board or be involved in one of the active Committees. It really is a genuine school for learning and re-learning, practising and re-practising with others. It’s not always so easy. We really do benefit from hearing our different experiences and perspectives and giving each other enough room to flower. At times the emphasis on process has driven some of us a bit nuts, but it’s been a game changer in how we conduct ourselves and we are certainly harvesting the richness of that focus.

In the myriad acts of giving, in this case to the Wangapeka, we help generate and maintain the rich culture of generosity and caring on which the very foundations of the Centre have been built. It’s easy to say this but it is quite something to have witnessed this for myself again and again. Thank you for the opportunity to have spent these years on the BOT. I am not planning on going anywhere soon. Pierre and I aren’t over the hill yet. We will still pipe up and make a few suggestions here and there! By focusing on how and what we are doing now, we shape the way the centre will evolve. What kind of dharma centre are we consciously creating together?