Hui Review by Jenny Kelso

Like most Wangapeka gatherings, it was a lovely weekend at a “home away from home” in the beautiful Wangapeka valley.  Irene and I arrived just in time for the initial circle gathering and welcome.  We were invited to share which was our favourite place at Wangapeka which was interesting.  There was a lovely green soup full of Wangapeka wonder “weeds” and greens from the garden. Yum. A good start.  We were very well nourished all weekend with lots of delicious food thanks to our wonderful cooks, Ronnie, Rebecca and Ross.

Saturday was spent diving into the very topical issue of racism and I found it very informative and useful.  I am so sad to have received such a biased and unbalanced education which failed to counteract the racist comments that I heard regularly from others. The day was very well facilitated by a team of young folk including Elli and Willow.  The evening was spent sitting round the fireside chatting and the vibe was somewhat quiet compared to last year’s antics but we did have a very enjoyable singalong.

Sunday was the AGM and we were pretty much wrapped up by lunchtime if I remember correctly. We enjoyed one last delicious meal before the tidy up and inevitable rounds of hugs and goodbyes.  We made the most of that of course thanks to the brief disappearance of Covid !!!

And lastly but not leastly… I have to mention the wonderful meditations in the Whare Wānanga with the crackling fire, the wind in the trees, and the early morning birdsong followed by a misty panorama of the Wangapeka valley and peaceful walk down to the hall along the forest path. Wangapeka AGMs are the most enjoyable ones I have ever attended by far.  Such an amazing group of people. Already looking forward to next year although I guess I shouldn’t assume I will make it that far !!!

Peace and love
Jenny Kelso