Kumanu August 2022

download pdf here and full text below.

Kia ora koutou, late wintery greetings to you all. Here is a little update about goings on at the Centre from your faithful Trustees – Cashy Yates, Tim Leyland, Dave Pooch, Elli Yates, Simon Jones and Dan Burgess-Milne. We would like to begin by acknowledging the many dedicated hearts, minds and hands that go into making the Wangapeka Educational Trust tick over from month to month. Importantly – our wonderful caretaker, Jacinta and excellent volunteer office staff, Amber, Dan and Malu. Beyond this, thanks to the forces seen and unseen; the rippling circles of support which allow us to meet monthly and make decisions with the strong intention of carrying the Dharma forward – acknowledgments and deepest bows to this shimmering web of interconnected life!

  • Farewell to the wonderful Shelley Taylor, who stepped down from the Board at the AGM. Deepest thanks to your graceful leadership over the last two years, steering us through stormy seas. We will miss your generous, open-hearted presence and guidance. Thanks for the two years of offering service in this way.
  • Exciting new Board member, Simon Jones. Welcome, wonderful Simon! Simon will step up as Treasurer, meaning long-time supporter, Pierre, can finally take an even bigger step back.
  • Cashy is stepping up as Co-ordinator as Shelley stepped down. Simon is stepping up as Treasurer and Dave is stepping down. More sub-committee liaison updates to come!
  • Agreed on new monthly meeting time: third Monday of every month. If you want something to be raised at a meeting, please keep this day in mind and be in touch beforehand! Board members will meet in person at the Centre on 1st and 2nd October.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out the new volunteer page on the website. We are in the process of developing this further to make volunteering more appealing and accessible.
  • Keep an eye on your inbox for invites to the Wangapeka Community Forum, our new online platform where you can read Board meeting minutes and other (riveting) documents. No but seriously, community engagement is a hot topic at the moment and this platform is part of our plan for more effective discourse between Board, Elders and members moving forward.
  • Free RATs and masks to be provided at the Centre to continue our efforts in limiting the spread of Covid19.
  • Please appreciate and care for our long awaited new washing machine (:
  • New volunteer on his way – Brandon Schwinn and his partner plan to arrive to work
    and live at the Centre for three months, while the Board has agreed to pay his airfare.
    May this be of benefit to all.
  • Finally, the Board fully endorsed the Year of Service proposal, and is taking steps to
    move this forward. We welcome indications of interest from members who might see a place for themselves within an exciting and emerging new model for the future of the Wangapeka. A sub-committee will be formed in the coming months to support this process. Please be in touch if you’d like to be part of it – secretary.wangapeka@gmail.com