Kumanu January 2024

Kumanu is a personal piece written by one of the trust board members. In particular it seeks feedback from the community.

Your Trust Board met by Zoom on 15 January this year.

This month we’re looking for feedback, and or help with, finding a full time Land Caretaker, finding an installer of Starlink systems, and suggestions regarding our Dog Policy. We’re also letting you know about the Helicopter Track, and upcoming repairs to Units 1 and 2.

Thank You,
Dave Pooch

Land Caretaker

Simon has been volunteer land caretaker over the last 12 months. Over this time, we have been keeping a look out for a live-in, full time care taker. Whilst holding this aspiration we have yet to find anyone and so it’s time to be a bit more proactive.

The Land caretaker role would suit a fit, strong, mechanically minded person with an interest in the Dharma. The Land caretaker is paid for 30hrs work per week will work in close collaboration with Tracy our Centre Caretaker who also lives on site.

If land caretaking interests you or know of someone who may be interested, please ask them to email Simon on  treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com for the full job description or to ask any specific questions. Full training and assistance will be given to the successful applicant.

Start date is flexible but certainly we would like to have someone in place in time for the expected Spring growth.

Starlink (Telephone and Internet)

Yes, Wangapeka is going into the space age. Our internet and copper wire telephone line has suffered from outages recently. Your board has agreed to swap over to Starlink and Simon has been tasked with finding a technician to set it up. Please contact him if you have any ideas at treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com

Dogs at Wangapeka

We had a dog bite during the Garden of Mindfulness retreat and a dog brought to the property that was jumping on people caused concern on another occasion. Dave Pooch has been asked to prepare a revised policy regarding pets on the property for the February meeting. If you have a suggestion regarding the existing policy which clearly was not followed then please email dpooch@me.com with your suggestion by the end of January. The existing policy dates back to 2013 and is below.

Policy Manual October 2013
1.24 DOGS

Ideally no dogs should be on the property.
The board has decided to leave it to the discretion of the Office Caretaker and approved these basic guidelines:

• No dogs in huts or rooms
• Must always be on lead
• Owner must clean up dog waste

Repairs to Units 1 and 2

The roof leaks! We have asked a maintenance carpenter to come and sort out the roof. This will not be immediate as it will be a noisy job so must be done in between retreats and also when he is available.

Helicopter track

It is unlikely but possible that we will need a helicopter evacuation from Wangapeka. Currently a road is being made so that the Centre van can drive down across the stream and up to a big cleared site on the other side. The site is big enough for a helicopter to land on. This, together with the automatic electric defibrillator we already have, gives us better preparedness in the case of a medical emergency. The road is being paid for by a donation. Thank you for that.

People to Contact

Board Of Trustees
Name Role Contact
Simon Jones Treasurer treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com
Dave Pooch Coordinator coordinator.wangapeka@gmail.com
Dan Burgess-Milne Secretary danburgessmilne@gmail.com
Georgia McCrory-Bowick Assistant Coordinator georgiambowick@gmail.com
Michael Mackinnon Health and Safety Officer michael.mackinnon.55@gmail.com


Caretaking team
Name Role Contact
Tracy Abbot Centre Caretaker centrecaretaker.wangapeka@gmail.com
Brooke Walker Office Caretaker wangapekacentre@gmail.com
Simon Jones Non-resident

land caretaker



Committee Contact
Programmes Karen Harley – waihoraorganics8@gmail.com
Communications wanga.comms@gmail.com
Maintenance treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com
Fundraising georgiambowick@gmail.com
Finance treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com
Health and safety michael.mackinnon.55@gmail.com
50th Anniversary coordinator.wangapeka@gmail.com
Constitution michael.mackinnon.55@gmail.com