Kumanu November 2022

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Kia ora koutou, we trust this Kumanu Report finds you well and happy. This month the Board met on site at the Wangapeka, sharing a lovely weekend of cakes, kōrero and warm spring rains. It was a good opportunity to connect with both Jacinta and Tracy as the two caretakers overlapped before Jacinta heads to Nelson, and Tracy moves into Bellbird. We thank both these wonderful wāhine for their work so far and to come.

What we are reckoning with:

Year of Service. If you are at all interested in being part of a new model blending practitioners and caretakers in a community based at the Centre, please be in touch. We are meeting regularly to shape a new model and value all sangha input. You can contact elliyates@gmail.com about this.

New people in the mix – as you know, we’re about to appoint a new Land Caretaker and are on the search again for a remote Office Caretaker. See the job description on our website for more details.

What we need help with:

We are looking for a few items to make the new volunteer accommodation block extra cozy. Specifically rugs, curtains and curtain rails.

There are parents and babes in our sangha who would appreciate a resident highchair! Anyone have one going spare? Checking here before we buy something.

Does anyone have expertise in carbon accounting? We are interested to know more and would appreciate any direct advice from people with knowledge in this space. It’s complicated and we’re trying to get our heads around it currently. As kaitiaki of a large forest block, we see opportunities for the future in registering with the ETS, but want to know more before we commit. Watch this space for more info and please get in touch if you have something to say on the matter!

Jacinta spent her final week sorting through the incredible and eclectic mix of books in the Wangapeka library, removing the ones she didn’t think were relevant. The next step is for a second opinion on the box of discards, before they are given away. Please find the box when you’re next in the main hall (or ask Tracy) and complete this important task.

Anyone wanting to join a subcommittee?? They are more fun than they sound. We welcome your input and labour power! Please contact the relevant Board member if one of these areas sounds like you.

People to contact:

Here is a list of the team at the moment. The best person to get in touch with for general inquiries or to respond to a call out from Kumanu is Tim, our fabulous secretary. You can see the sub-committee we are associated with in brackets next to each name.

Cashy Yates – coordinator.wangapeka@gmail.com (Health and Safety, Programmes)

Tim Leyland – secretary.wangapeka@gmail.com (Fundraising, Maintenance)

Simon Jones – treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com (Finance)

Dan Burgess-Milne – danburgessmilne@gmail.com

Elli Yates – elliyates@gmail.com (Comms, Te Tiriti Focus Group, YoS)

Dave Pooch – dpooch@me.com (Finance)

Tracy Tabbot – wangapekacentre@gmail.com (everything, everyday!)