Kumanu September 2020

Welcome to the first Kumanu report from your new BoT. It was exciting to acknowledge in this hui the opportunity we have as a new configuration of people to review processes and make sure people’s needs are being met, as well as meeting our legal obligations as a Board. Here’s what the Board members and Caretakers covered, Zooming in from Motueka, Wellington, Ōtaki and Auckland:


Having taken some time away from the Centre, Amber’s health has improved. She proposed to continue working remotely, in the name of prioritising health and wellbeing. This approach was supported by everyone, with the acknowledgment that spaces always get filled and that in the meantime Marion, Patrick and occasionally Faith are able to hold Centre duties. There is a strong sense from us all that Caretakers’ health is at the heart of what happens at the Wangapeka, and caring for that is our top priority.

Advertising new positions

The ads for new Caretakers (land and office) as well as two long term volunteers have been drafted and are set to go out. Rich discussion was had around the different implications of job titles – Caretaker, Manager and Coordinator. We are balancing the need for a title which reflects the employment contracts and supports caretakers to find other work once they leave, while also not falling into corporate language that denotes productivity and hierarchical bureaucracy. After dialogue with the Elders, we have decided to stick with the job title “Caretakers” to deeply reflect the care that is required as an essential element of these service roles, and as a reflection of the dana that is offered and received.

BoT processes

It was acknowledged that we are a new group taking some time to form, and we want to ensure we are following beneficial processes as well as supporting new BoT members and Shelley in her new role. New board members (Hadleigh and Elli) have been assigned buddies, and are slowly learning the ropes. Shelley, the new Co-ordinator, is picking up the challenge of learning how things run and Louise has stepped up as Assistant Co-ordinator to support her. Each hui will be facilitated by a different Board member, allowing us to share power and experiment with different facilitation styles.

Cooks & volunteers

Lily’s departure left a gap in the kitchen management area, and we have been on the lookout for a new cook since. A recent volunteer, Marion, has stepped into some cooking roles since attending the Centre for the first time at our Community Hui in July. Thanks for your competence and generosity, Marion! We are deeply appreciative of the support coming from many corners of the community at this time, while we continue to search for a full time Kitchen Manager.

Year of Clear Vision Retreat

Will be held at 4th–7th Dec, for people who have been in circle groups across the country this year.