Kumanu Wangapeka June 2020

13th June 2020

Visioning the future

The BOT and caretakers met at the centre this month and started with a morning discussion to explore possibilities that could emerge in response to Covid 19 circumstances and as part of the centre’s natural evolution.

Some of the ideas we touched on included ways to foster volunteer opportunities:

  • Through hands on practical work
  • Through a combination of work and deepening meditation practice
  • Through experienced resident practitioners supporting daily meditation practices at a group or individual level
  • Through a range of short term and medium term time frames.

This is a process that we want to explore fully with the wider community incorporating many ideas that have been suggested previously and are bubbling along. We will keep you informed and welcome involvement…

The dishwasher reminded us it was on the agenda as it proceeded to leak following our lunch break in the main hall and a new one has now been ordered.

BOT meeting 2-5pm

Treasurers report

Due to minimal activity over the lock down period, a quarterly report will be produced at the end of June. The Govt wage subsidy extension will be applied for.

Staffing at the centre

Cook and Kitchen Manager:

Lily completed our kitchen inspection process with Tasman District Council and we are certified for the next 18 months. She is writing up the job description of cooks, and kitchen manager which will be a very useful guide as we work through a process of how to fill this role. Lily has left a thorough set of records and we are grateful for her work.

Land Caretaker:

Patrick is extending his time at the centre, but is likely to leave later in the year. He has been busy and it is noted that spring would be a perfect time for additional volunteer support at the centre to get on top of track maintenance before the growth takes off.

Office Caretaker:

Amber is due to leave the centre in November and it is also vital to have some additional support when setting up for retreats and times when there is a rapid turnaround with close bookings.


This is acknowledged as an urgent need to give Amber and Patrick an opportunity to take a break in August as well as support for retreat preparations and seasonal track clearing duties. We will be publicising this need to members.

Health and Safety

Hygiene protocols and standards have been increased as a result of Covid 19 processes. In the bathroom, face cloths and paper towels have become single use hand towels.

The kitchen is maintaining high standards which are part of normal certification requirements. Increased laundering is a flow on effect.

As we are now at Level 1 the website will be updated to reflect this, and there are no longer limits on numbers and social distancing measures.

A stretcher has now been purchased for medical emergencies.

The new Power Pole and electrical upgrade

The legal easement process for installing the power pole is underway and then the electrician can install power to the Octagon.
Other electrical upgrades include an under sink hot water heating unit to replace the urn in the main hall and a clothes drier for linen will be bought.

Maintenance Projects

Metal guttering for the units and main hall.is a project that has been approved and is underway.

Mike’s workshop conversion received $10,000 funding from the Mirror Trust. It is anticipated to accommodate volunteers and provision for independent cooking and bathroom facilities is also needed.

The gas heaters were deemed unsuitable and are not to be used in Triple Gem and Namgyal Huts.
Replacement heaters have been identified, but may take some time to arrive into the country from Italy.

Sub Committees are doing a fantastic job

The BOT is very appreciative of all the quality work undertaken by the teams. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Communications, Programmes, Health and Safety, Maintenance, and, Fundraising Sub Committees

Hui and AGM Planning

The AGM is Sunday 26th July

We have notified all members about the AGM and BOT elections and will also send out a reminder.

The BOT will support the Hui on 24th—25th July with accommodation and food by Dana and Dana for the cook.

The Hui is a community led event and an organising team is working on this.

Date of next BOT meeting

AGM Sunday July 26th at the Wangapeka Centre