Kumanu Wangapeka May 2020

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Kumanu Wangapeka Board of Trustees Process May 18th 2020

Opportunities to Give

Kia ora whanau

Kumanu means to foster, nurture and care for. If you are reading this, we appreciate your care for Wangapeka. As a Board of Trustees (BOT) we continue our care for Wangapeka and the community as best we can.

We also appreciate the love and nurture offered to us all by the whenua—the land of Wangapeka.

This Kumanu BOT Process report is not our ratified minutes, it is intended to give you a sense of what we are doing in our meetings, some of the cares, concerns, considerations arising in the daily—monthly–yearly evolution and activity at the Wangapeka Centre.

We value your interest. If you feel a wish to be involved with any of the activities of running the centre, please consider joining the Board of Trustees. We also have committees you can offer your help with. Everyone has unique qualities to share, so please, speak directly with the BOT rep of the area you are interested in.

Who to Contact

Maintenance Committee: Tim Leyland tjleyland@yahoo.com

Fundraising & Finance: Dave Pooch dpooch@me.com

Communications & Media: Kath Mitchell mitchell.kath@gmail.com

Health and Safety: Karen Harley & Shelley Taylor waihoraorganics8@gmail.com

Programming: Karen Harley waihoraorganics8@gmail.com

If you wish serve on the BOT, or have something you wish to communicate, or address to the whole BOT please contact:

If you wish to volunteer work service at the Wangapeka centre for any
period, please contact : Office Caretaker Amber:

Covid-–19 process & communication

Everyone felt that communications between board and caretakers had been working well to manage covid–19 issues and create a safe space to re-open the centre. This has required many extra zoom meetings and Health & Safety decisions, revisions and actions over the past 2 months.

We agreed that COVID 19 will likely have a large impact on the centre and this deserves some significant discussion either at the AGM / Hui and or via a separate BOT / Caretaker / Elder meeting like the planned but cancelled May Hui.

Complaints Process

The summary Complaints Process flowchart is finalised and will be published on our website with the full Complaints Process Document.

Treasurers report

The annual accounts, yet to be audited, show that the Wangapeka Trust is in good shape financially. It is also noted we will experience a very different financial year ahead with covid–19 restrictions and predicted economic downturn. The projected budget is prudent to prepare for this.

The Govt wage subsidy is a great help, and we will apply for an extension of this.

Gratitude for Dave and Pierre, who continues to work alongside Dave to prepare our accounts.

Land Caretaker, Kitchen Manager and Office Caretaker

During the lockdown and level three, the three residents Amber, Patrick and Lily were acknowledged and appreciated for being at the centre and for the substantial work and maintenance they have attended to during this time.

The New Power Pole and Transformer

This is now installed thanks to all our generous donors during the fundraising campaign.

Next Steps:

A conversation over several years has been happening with Network Tasman re: clearing vegetation under the power lines. Patrick will ask for a new written agreement with Network Tasman to use mowing and planting methods rather than spraying. Network had a verbal agreement with Faith to try mowing.

However Network Tasman are now referring to the 2009 written spraying agreement to pacify Delta, who have installed the new pole.

Copies of the emails between Faith and Network Tasman have been found and Patrick will use this information to help make his application for a spray free written agreement.

The electrician now needs to come and connect the units, measure for cabling, and look at installing power to the Octagon.

An easement for access to the power pole is needed, which includes a surveyor who has been already, and a lawyer for the Wangapeka.

The Dishwasher

The Dishwasher has been repaired twice in past year and has broken down again. It may be on its way to recycling. Repairing it will be investigated. Replacement is expensive, but this may be inevitable.

Health and Safety

The biggest issue is managing contractors coming on to the property and caretakers have been handling this very well.

A Stretcher will be purchased for medical emergencies.

Retreats must be limited to 10 participants until covid–19 level 2 rules relax on this.

The Programmes Committee

Planning the 2021 programme is tricky as there are retreatants and Teachers from overseas and cancellations to consider, in this new covid–19 environment.

The Course Manager document is being rewritten, including the opportunity for courses to offer Work Dana to the Centre

Postponed Courses—Covid—19 changes:

Growing Joy Retreat—this became an online event.

BOT/ Caretakers/ Youth and Elders Retreat. We are looking at a morning on June 13th as an alternative smaller event.

Life as it is Retreat—Postponed to July

Maintenance Committee

Mike’s workshop conversion funding-we are waiting for a decision by Mirror Trust.

Safe and quiet gas heaters are needed in each Triple Gem hut, to make them useable in colder months.


The comms team are paying attention to how they co-ordinate the fast-changing covid–19 requirements and changes to protocols at the centre, through all our media.

The BOT are developing processes to ensure that the caretakers, programmes committee, communications team and health and safety group liaise well to ensure teachers, course managers, visitors and the wider community know what is happening with covid–19 levels at the centre.

Lily is Leaving

Lily will leave Wangapeka as our resident cook, kitchen manager and willing all-round volunteer, on June 15th. She has nourished many beings on many retreats and huis. She has put enormous energy into developing systems and maintaining a certified kitchen. The BOT expressed great appreciation for her service. A farewell is being planned.

New Cook and Kitchen Manager

We will be looking for new cooks and a kitchen manager. Pre-covid The WET Trust developed a plan for how we could make this role into paid position, similar to the caretakers—this will need to be reviewed as our future budget may not be able to accommodate this now.

The annual kitchen inspection is now due by the Tasman District Council for re-certification . It involves a test of the kitchen manager.

Hui and AGM Planning

The AGM is Sunday 26th July – pending restrictions on social gatherings.

We will notify all members about the AGM and BOT elections.

The BOT offered to support the Hui on 24th—25th July with accommodation and food by Dana and Dana for the cook.

The Hui is a community led event—the BOT are hoping an organising team will emerge soon.

Date of next BOT meeting

Saturday June 13th at the Wangapeka Centre 2—5pm

Sarva Mangalam! May all beings know peace, happiness and freedom.