Kumanu Wangapeka September 2019

Summary of the Wangapeka Educational Trust Board Meeting 23rd September 2019

Policy Manual Review
Louise is working on the task of identifying policies that may need reviewing or deleting due to changing structures / processes / legislation.

Our financial situation appears to be steady and our income broadly in line with last year. Pierre’s continued support with treasury work is much appreciated until we find a suitable replacement.

There was discussion about the legal position of volunteers and cooks at the Centre particularly in relation to visa requirements.

It is currently very beneficial to the Centre to have a regular Wangapeka cook / kitchen manager who knows the systems and requirements. As well as providing much needed continuity and knowledge Lily is also volunteering in between retreats and is a huge support to the office caretaker in this capacity.

Louise and Tim will be meeting with the caretakers in the near future to see how the first 3 to 4 months in their roles has been.

Health and Safety
Discussions are continuing between Amber and Karen and also Louise re the Trust’s H&S policy and procedures.

Thanks to Glenn and Karen who have kindly offered to pay for the roof of the new lean to near the workshop which is being constructed.

Open Day planning is underway. Brooke is co-ordinating this event.

Many thanks to the team for their awesome work. BOT expressed huge gratitude.

An updated Centre list of Elders and biography will be created and published.

Graham will run a trial listing of Wangapeka short courses on the events website ‘It’s On’ to assess the time involved in listing events and possible publicity benefits. ‘It’s On’ is run by Nelson City Council to promote events in the Nelson Tasman region.

Communications team thanked for their amazing work.

This committee is at an early stage but has ideas which are emerging.

Brandon will be leaving the Centre at the end of October to return to Canada. It has been wonderful having him at the Centre for the last 6 months and a great deal of maintenance work has been achieved in this time.