Landing at the Wangapeka – Jacinta Nowland

Landing at the Wangapeka

Jacinta Nowland

It is a wondrous blessing to have arrived here in this wonderful and curious valley of bracken, or learning corner, known as the
Wangapeka. I am very grateful for the guidance and teachings in Dharma practice and the opportunity to practice in a peaceful, calm environment of dedicated practitioners visiting, the deep beautiful resonant sound of the bell, and the magnificent views as I walk along the paths and the road.

And also for the need to maintain and to clear the paths and the road so that it doesn’t wash away in the rain (or a number of things don’t go awry). Various tools have been shown so that I may explore and learn what skilful means
means, in supporting the Dharma centre, physically and spiritually. Weed whackers, shovels, rakes, a tractor, and the gradual path of the Sattipattana Sutta, and morning and evening meditations at the Whare Wānanga, gradually help clear the terrain and make clearer what is what and what needs to be let go of and what can be done.

Sarva Mangalam