New Hut Progress Update and Name Yongdu Meaning

Wangpeka is blessed with its nine solo retreat huts nestled about the property: Omahu, Namgyal, Skydancer, Mike’s cabin, Hayshed, Dumo, Tarchin’s and Mary’s Huts (Triple Gem).

Now the latest hut has been named. This is the prefabricated hut that Chris Petzold and others such as Graham Sandlant, Land Caretaker Guy and numerous volunteers have been working on since the materials first arrived. The name is “Yongdu” hut, which is the name that His Holiness the 16th Karmapa gave to Lama Mark Webber back in 1974.

I asked Lama Mark about the meaning of the name. Currently, in Antigua, Guatemala, he emailed:

“Yongdu is a specific type of wish fulfilling tree, and a type of siddhi, that exists in the celestial god realms and is laden with the fruit of texts on wisdom teachings. So the full name is the Buddha’s Wish Fulfilling Tree, in a celestial realm of Buddha’s wisdom teachings.”

Yongdu is also part of the name of the secretary who organised the 16th Karmapa’s escape from Tibet.

At the time of writing the hut is closed in and dry. Lots of finishing work such as staining, window catches, water supply and solar electricity are all yet to be done. And after that, there will be a need to beautify the site. Lots of work opportunities for volunteers and visitors!

The board of trustees wishes to again profusely thank the donors and the workers who have made this new hut appear on the landscape.

As Lama Mark also said, “May this new hut assist many in accomplishing profound wisdom realizations”.

by Wangapeka Board Trustee Dave Pooch