Publishing Tarchin’s Books in Portuguese by Juliana Griese

As you might know, AME publishing house was established with the intention to translate and publish the books of our lineage of mindfulness and Buddha Dharma in Brazil, making the teachings accessible to Brazilians. It is a non-profit collective project, we are now 21 participants supporting the publishing house. We have already published several books by Tarchin and also the book Tales of Awakening.

We are now promoting a crowdfunding campaign to be able to launch Tarchin’s books “Meditative First Aid”, “Natural Awakening” and a new edition of “True Refuge”. Here in Brazil we have already collected about 50% of the necessary amount and the campaign continues.

We have developed an English webpage where the people of the Sanghas abroad can offer donations and help us realise the project, if they so wish: