Status Update – January 30 – Power to the Wangapeka!

Yay!!! We’re halfway towards achieving our goal of $50,000.

*Thank you* to all of you who’ve donated so far.

One of the concerns we’ve heard is that there is little context for the power upgrade.  That is, “What does moving from 30 Amps service to 90 Amps of service really mean?”  Below is a informational video discussing that.

For more information on this project – what’s involved, how it will help the centre, and how much it will cost, please visit our givealittle page.

Our campaign stands at $24,598 on January 30th, 2020. Here is a brief update.
Simple facts about the power upgrade.
We’re upgrading from 30 Amps of service to 90 Amps. And we really need it.
For example, A typical New Zealand home has 60 Amps of service available to it and our centre currently has 30 Amps. Yes, our centre currently has service of half a single family home.