Thank you Ramon and Fred! by Tim Leyland

The Wangapeka Board, our caretakers and the maintenance team want to express their appreciation and thanks to all those who volunteer at the Centre.
 Our thoughts are particularly focused on Fred Mackie and Ramon Lavia at this time. Fred and Ramon volunteered at the Centre from December 2020 to February 2021. We have been extremely fortunate to have had Fred and Ramon helping us to bridge the gap when the outgoing caretakers left and held the centre together beautifully along with Paul. Fred and Ramon arrived in November and Paul started early December. They arrived when there were no substantive caretakers, and Board members and volunteers were keeping the centre operating. Fred and Ramon brought tremendous support. Both have specialist skills. We thank Ramon for his energetic land care, repair and maintenance. Fred has provided much needed systems and maintenance advice. We look forward to using the caretakers manual he has been tirelessly working on. We thank him for his wonderful generosity, and wish him well on his journey to Europe. We look forward to continued contact with them both.