The Centre at Rest by Lily Redgrave

I have had the blessed fortune to find myself here at the Wangapeka during lock down. Life in many ways is not so different, another aspect that I am grateful for.
My routine has been refined to one of ultimate simplicity. We rise for meditation, work during the day and sit by the fire in the evenings.

Without the routine of retreats and the wonderful retreatants that fill the jobs on the roster board, I find myself spending more time than anything else doing dishes. What a luxury I realize it is to live in a place where all your dishes are done for you, well not for me but for us all. The centre thrived in a different tune before lock down and to experience it now as it is feels like a very treasured experience. Its very quiet and still and the welcome of Autumn is bringing a lot of beautiful change to the land, as well as an abundant of feijoas. Autumn leaves, once they fall, stay in the same spot on the ground for days at a time. No movement of people to rustle them around.

It feels strange to be experiencing all of this without the community to share it with. But the land has gone on its own retreat and it’s been wonderful to serve it during this time.