The Wisdom of Angelic Archetypes with Mira Riddiford, Nelson Buddhist Centre

4 June 2020, 7pm, Nelson Buddhist Centre, 87 Nile St, opposite Central School

Mira Riddiford will be giving an evening talk at the Nelson Buddhist Centre, before the seven day retreat at the Wangapeka the following day. If you aren’t in Nelson, the class will most likely be recorded.

The Nelson Buddhist Centre is an amazing place to give a talk, filled with radiant energy from all the classes and practices given over the years. It would be great to see you there.

Increase love, harmony and positivity! This is an invitation to come and bathe in the glorious energy of Angels and have their understanding elucidate your meditation and healing practice. While we do this together, Mira with her usual warmth and candour, will touch upon how Angels have been experienced through the ages.

Are you:

  • curious about how angels can be relevant in modern life?
  • in need of something beautiful, uplifting and inspiring?
  • interested in Western Mysticism Archetypes, the Tarot, the Qabalah and/or the Tree of Life
  • looking for creative fun ways of meditating that encourage mindfulness and peacefulness throughout the day?

Mira Riddiford is a Meditation, Dharma, Archetype, Western Mysticism and Mindfulness
teacher based in Auckland. She runs ongoing classes, retreats and professional workshops throughout Australasia, and her online classes have participants joining in from Europe, Asia and North America.

Mira is delighted by the challenge and creativity of Esoteric, Vajrayana, Western Mystery, Symbolic and Archetype practices. These integrative meditations help us work directly with addressing our humanity.

Cost: Dana (koha) for Mira
(please be as generous as you can)
Plus $5 for Nelson Buddhist Centre (non-members only).
Contact Lara for more information: