The Wisdom of Angelic Archetypes Retreat Review

by Arielle Kauaeroa Monk

Well, I don’t think any of us were expecting the wisdoms that were bestowed upon us during the Angelic Archetypes retreat with Mira Riddiford at the Wangapeka in early June. But sacred wisdom we have all received, with gratitude. A neophyte retreatee, I had visions of blissful sessions on angel whisperings and hours meditating in the hills. The reality? My 10 month old squalling in the night, intensive sessions excavating the effects of systems of oppression, and the contemplation of practice without awareness equaling spiritual bypassing. Mira is an unflinchingly honest teacher. The kind of teacher we need more of. We retreatants were reminded of the intersections within which we all exist in this human life, and how our spiritual experience is within those intersections – the depth of which may be measured by how deeply and presently we navigate them. The offering Mira prepared for us did indeed bask in those angelic whisperings – Raphael, Gabriel and Michael were all with us. Just as their shadow aspects were, with Mira facilitating the peeling back of the veils to help us expose what lay hidden within us all. I nurture my wish-fulfilling jewel morning and night, speak to the angels and try to stay woke. Ngā mihi nui ki a Mira me ngā hoa o Wangapeka.