Tiwaiwaka and an exploration of Kaitiakitanga

Tiwaiwaka and an exploration of Kaitiakitanga.

A seed was planted, or maybe many were dispersed when, before covid in 2020, the Wangapeka community had the good fortune to have Pā Ropata, Rob McGowan, attend at the Centre and share his wisdom. An attempt to have a further hui at the Centre had to be delayed (sound familiar?!) and it seemed like a long way off until the rescheduled version in August 2022.

Rob lives in Tauranga and is central to the Tiwaiwaka movement (https://www.tiwaiwaka.nz/). He is a prominent Rongoā Māori practitioner, well respected for his years of work in the restoration of Rongoā Māori practice and traditional knowledge of native plants and medicines in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We were fortunate when, in the midst of Rob’s full schedule in Te Tau Ihu, he made time to meet with a small group of local Nelson sangha to explore further the themes of the upcoming hui- Exploring Kaitiakitanga of the Wangapeka Whenua.

So many of us feel we know the land at the Wangapeka Retreat Centre and express the sense of nourishment and support it provides. Meeting with Rob gave us the opportunity to start to explore the question “What does the land at the Wangapeka need to be well?” The Tiwaiwaka principles spring from Mātauranga Māori and set a priority of caring for the whenua first and making decisions based on the wellness of the land. It reminds us of our connection and responsibility to all living things- that healing the mauri of the land is a vast journey to peace and an ongoing discovery of our interconnectedness.

The hui will take place from 26th-28th August 2022 and there will be more updates in Newsphere as this journey progresses.

If you have any questions in the meantime, contact Louise on louise.petzold01@gmail.com.