Visioning Hui March 2021

Documents for Download – [March 2021 Hui.docx] and [Summary Table.docx]

Kia ora Wangapeka Community,

We spent an enriching weekend at the Centre on the 27th and 28th March which marked the next phase of an ongoing consultation and visioning process for the Board of Trustees and the wider Wangapeka Community.

Given we knew we have only so much accommodation, we decided at this stage that invites were to be sent out to groups and people who had a daily or regular input into the Centre recently. These groups included Elders, Trustees, Staff, Maintenance Subcommittee, Programmes Committee, Younger Adults and those who had expressed interest following the AGM in July.

After the final inevitable changes of who could attend and who couldn’t, we totalled 28 people for most of the weekend.

How come?

The Trustees have been looking into changes in the staffing structure of the centre for some time, as well as the general structures we operate with. As part of this process, the Trustees felt they would value input from the rest of the community to see where the energy rests in taking the Centre forward. They also wanted to hear from the community as to whether they felt the current shapings and programme offerings are working well. 

So what happened over the weekend?

The hui focused on two main threads of exploration. The first aspect centred around looking into what response might be shaped by the Centre going forward, to meet the needs of beings in these times of rapid change. What visions did we have about the land, the offerings and how the Centre can be of service and benefit to the whole?

The second question looked more specifically into whether our current programme structure is sustainable and beneficial, taking all things into account- from staffing needs, to availability, infrastructure and teachings.

We circled, we listened, we shared and spoke. Together, we held space for the process of deep listening and exploration to evolve. We squeezed into the whare and sat together morning and evening. We connected with old friends and reconnected with the land and all that is the experience of the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. And of course, we ate!

The coming together of a community of people, each with aspiration for awakening, and deep heart of generosity, felt like a rich and unique gathering and a wonderful offering for these times.

At the end of the final circle on Sunday, we gathered together words and reflections of those who came under headings of Explore, Keep doing and Stop doing. Some interesting threads were woven and ideas seeded.

And what’s going to happen next?

The Trustees have met and will meet again to look into any changes in Programme structure. They will also meet with the Programmes Committee. For now, the request for retreats for next year has gone out to those who have held retreats at the Centre so far, on the understanding that there may be a rescheduling of focus and number of retreats following these meetings.

For the wider question of the evolution of the Centre, there are some key threads that came from the last hui. A subcommittee of people will look at these threads and weave the next exploration into these which will take place at the July hui AGM weekend on the 31st July- 1st August. Everyone is invited to come and join us in this next part of the process.

Invites and an outline of the hui weekend will come out soon (once they are shaped and written!!).

A solid and wholesome process.

The practice of clear seeing and deep understanding is a unique and rich process, one which the Trustees continue to aspire to.

We would love your presence in this process and hope to see as many people at the Centre for the AGM weekend as possible.

If you have any further questions,

Please contact Shelley Taylor

Summary – Capturing the Hui

People were asked to capture some of the essence of the weekend after three sharing circles over the weekend, in three different headings.


  • Climate?
  • Weekly dharma mentor
  • Community gathering to work on projects together
  • Support ALL beings to come
  • Long term retreatants supported
  • Rest times, pause
  • Deeper connection with the whole WET membership
  • Integrating activity with sympathetic land owners. Cooperative food production
  • Young adults service retreat
  • What came out of the 2020 year of clear vision that we need/ want to respond to?
  • Practical skill acquiring retreats
  • Extending to the wider community
  • Looking after our older members- Hospice?
  • Selflessness and service. A course for people to work in service of the land and with dharma teachings. A discount for young and struggling?
  • Omahu solo retreat increased regularity
  • Links with other Centres and communities
  • Resident practitioner
  • 2022 Year of Service
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Pool of caretakers
  • Year of service- theme, practice, retreat.
  • Dharma in action
  • Other ways of income
  • 2020 Year of Service
  • Resilience
  • A vision statement
  • Year of community and service- what it is, importance to practice
  • Revolving resident teacher/ experienced practitioner
  • Teachers accommodation
  • Emergence
  • Service retreats

  • Celebrating our whole community ages and stages
  • Volunteer accommodation
  • There’s no rush
  • Encourage new comers of all ages. Make opportunities.
  • Encourage service and its meaning and benefits. Explain what and makes true service
  • Sangha support
  • Accommodation for those with disabilities
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Communicating
  • All the good work
  • Hui circles with more inner elder circles
  • Charging all who can pay regardless of age
  • Making retreats available
  • Communicate 2020 clear vision outcomes
  • Sangha support
  • Volunteer accommodation
  • Sangha support
  • PAWS
  • Checking in with community
  • Asking wider community for money

  • Worrying about how much money caretakers are paid. Instead remembering the unseen benefits here that are more valuable, including service opportunity and effects.
  • Thinking there is no time between retreats- see Dave’s breakdown
  • Stop thinking teachers are a special breed. It is the teaching not the teacher
  • Giving to people who ask the loudest!
  • Worrying
  • Even thinking about building on the other side
  • Charging accommodation fees to young adults
  • Too short time between retreats
  • Bitching (self)