Wangapeka Elders Lunch by Mark Schrader

L-R Mary Jenkins, Tarchin Hearn, Shelley Szybowski, Mark Schrader, Bonni Ross, Matthew Eades, Keith Rowan

On Thursday 19 March 2020, a unique occurrence involving a small group of dedicated Dharma folk with strong links to the Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre met in Nelson. 

This was the first time this particular configuration of Wangapeka Elders had met with all seven being present, including the three relatively new Elders (Matthew, Shelley & Mark). 

It is unknown if the opportunity for all seven to meet again will happen, so it was great that the planets and stars aligned up to allow this to occur this time.

There was no great agenda set for our meeting, just the opportunity to meet, share some ideas and simply be together for a few hours. 

The role of Elders began about a decade ago with their primary role focused on providing support to the Centre and Wangapeka members as the need or cause arose. 

It is pleasing to know that what did evolve from our gathering on 19 March was the affirmation of this commitment to continue this support for Wangapeka and its Sangha.