Wangapeka Weekend — Hui and AGM by Kath Mitchell

The Hui

The Hui tilted “A Harvest of Insight” was true to its name. In the morning a large circle of over 30 people, in the main hall of Wangapeka, shared our experiences of coming from retreat into the midst of day-to-day life.  People spoke with a wonderful honesty and openness. Jonathan and Chani facilitated this with great sensitivity and joy.  This circle lasted for over two hours!  The depth of experience shared, felt true, the “lean of expression” circle code, more a sense of “saying what needs to be said”.

In the late afternoon the circle regathered with a spacious group meditation and a short “lean of expression” essence statement from the circle, which sealed a rich and generous day.

In the evening a playback theatre performance facilitated by Glenn and Karen revealed the audience’s stories, with much crazy laughter, and poignant moments.  It is an improvised theatre form based on the immediate playing back of the audience’s stories.  The children became particularly animated and engaged with the sharing of stories and moments.  We had 4 actors, 3 musicians and one conductor/midwife who helps the storyteller from the audience articulate the story, so the actors can perform the story back.

The Wangapeka Educational Trust AGM         

AGMs can quickly become tedious, but this one felt like a naming of the commitment of so many, who give so generously to help provide a sacred, healing space for all who come to Wangapeka.  What came through the reports, is the willingness of people to roll up their sleeves and get involved.  The tone of the reports communicating not only the  “what” we’ve been doing for the past year, but the all-important “Why” and “How” we’ve been doing what we’ve done. A very wholesome articulation of our purpose and shared love of our Wangapeka Centre & community.

At the end of the AGM, Bonni shared the “2020 A Year of Clear Vision” overview with the group.  This spoke of a process “For the Community, by the Community”.  It felt wholly inclusive and vast in scope.


I left feeling immersed in a healthy community of loving and questioning beings.  A celebration and expression of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha unfolding for the benefit of all beings.

All Hail to the Triple Gem! Which is our True Nature!