Wangapeka Weekend with Qabalah, Moon, Venus, and Friends

The first day of winter brought the year’s first snow to Wangapeka. There was snow on the peaks at the head of the valley and maybe, possibly, there was a light sprinkle on the top of Jones Ridge. This was also Queens Birthday weekend and a cancelled retreat gave the opportunity for the trust board to meet the new four-strong caretaking team and have a board meeting as well.

Leisurely fireside chats, walks and a thorough circle experience led by Kath Mitchell enabled us all to appreciate and reconnect with each other.

The highlight for me was something more transitory and more visual though. The caretakers had invited me to a sit and early Sunday breakfast in Bellbird before we all left for Bonni’s teaching on the Qabalah. The sky was dark for the sit but during breakfast of eggs on toast (thank you Brandon), Patrick the new land caretaker pointed out the window and said, “look”.

The darkness had retreated a little and there, behind the silhouetted trees was a very fine crescent moon with Venus a nearby companion. The image burned into my mind and I took this photo too.

“Looks like the flag of Turkey.”
“Flag of Pakistan too.”
“Almost end of Ramadan as well.”
Even as we spoke the sky lightened and the image faded.
“Look! The moon has gone!”
“Really? Where did it go?”
“Ha ha”.

Thank you Amber, Patrick, Brandon and Lily for a wonderful and beneficial weekend

Dave Pooch