Welcome Hadleigh and Malu! 

We are delighted to welcome Hadleigh and Malu onto the Wangapeka land as our new Caretakers. They have hit the ground running, starting their time with Tarchin’s 2-week retreat, which included navigating a change in Covid Levels in the middle of it. Malu has stepped into the Centre Caretaker role, which includes the no-small-task of managing our kitchen operations and keeping us compliant with the required regulations there. Hadleigh is in the role of Land Caretaker, with all that that entails. They are a wonderful team who support each other to ensure the smooth operations at the Centre. We wish them a richly rewarding time living at Wangapeka.

Faith Downey is continuing on as our Offsite Office Caretaker. She takes care of our general and registration enquiries and administration needs, remotely from her new home in Nelson North. We are very grateful to still have Faith’s experience, skill and expertise in this essential role. It also frees up precious time and energy for our Onsite Caretakers to attend to what’s needed on the ground. These changes are part of the BOT’s commitment to supporting our valued workers to live sustainable, rewarding lives in service to the Centre.