You are invited! Wangapeka Tales

You are invited!
Contribute Your Stories to Wangapeka Tales

Part of Wangapeka’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

To support the celebration of our 50th anniversary, Hadleigh Tiddy, with support from others, has been crafting a neat little website to gather, store and share “Wangapeka Tales”. This is our virtual campfire, where we can contribute to and enjoy the many diverse and wonderful stories that make up the rich history of the Wangapeka.

We are inviting as many people as possible to contribute your stories. Long or short, silly or serious. There are as many stories and views of Wangapeka as there are people who have visited it, and we would like to capture as many voices and perspectives as possible.

We have a team of willing scribes and support people willing to record or write your story if you are not able to do it yourself. Poetry, prose, fact, fiction, audio, video or photos are all welcome.

Please visit the Wangapeka Tales website and get involved!