Cabin Update – We’re Getting Close to TDC Compliance

That is – we’re getting close to moving in!

It’s been a joyful journey from aspiration – An Aspiration To Support Bonni And Matthew At The Wangapeka – to the building of the cabin. We’re looking forward to the next stage when Bonni and Matthew are in it!

Glenn, Brandon, their trusty helpers (Matthew and Graham), and others have done a lot since our last update. The interior finishing is moving along well. The floors are in. There remains kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, decking, and handrails.

From a fundraising perspective we are very close.  If you’re looking for a time to donate – now is the time – we need your help. Here is a link to the donation details.

We need around $12,000 to complete work enabling TDC compliance.  Once we have that then we can celebrate!  And yes that does mean that we’ve raised well over $225,000 to date.  Thank you to all donors.
With Heartfelt Thanks

The Teacher’s Cabin Project Team
Jane Hobday, Glenn Harley, Graham Sandlant, and Iain Verigin

Please contact Jane Hobday ( for more information.

Also – donation details, photo album, and past correspondence can be found on the Teacher’s Cabin Project webpage.