Translation of Dhamma Words

From the Theravada Dhamma Training Text

by Chimé Shore

ANATTA: The mortal, living self, inseparable from experience. Not bound by ‘self’ or identity, no permanent self.

ANICCO: Truth of change, impermanence, changeability. ‘All that arises must pass away’.

ARIYO: Noble, venerable, worthy of respect, tried and true.

BODHI: Buddha Nature – capacity for wisdom and compassion; innate in all people – also the sacred nature of all life.

DHAMMA: Truth, law – the path which peacefully seeks peace. ‘Buddhadhamma’- the Teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha.

DUKKHO: The harm and ill of ignorance, greed, hatred and delusion, a dark obstructed state: subjugation, not seeing,

GACCHAMI: To go to, proceed.

GAMINI: In detail, in every respect, minute by minute.

KAMMA: Work, energy that accompanies experience – the causes and effects involved.

NIRODHO: Cessation, bringing to an end the harm and ill of ignorance by purifying the causes, by breaking up impediments.

PATIPADA: The path step by step, the road traveled, the Eightfold Noble Path – the specific practices and ideas of
the Dhamma that inspire, regulate and protect.

SACCO: Suchness, real, truly spoken, cardinal, essential teaching.

SAMMA: Right, true, meaningful involvement; thorough, full; reconciled, compassionate, purposeful.

SAMUDAYO: The root cause of Dukkha is reactive mind, the state of craving, tanha, and clinging, upadana, that is bound and
blinded by experience, impeded by circumstance and influence, caught up in misunderstanding.

SARANAM: Remembrance, refuge, protection home.

TATHAGATO: Mortal, sentient being, gate of liberation.


From the Theravada Dhamma Training Text, Coorain
Copyright: Coorain, Origins Centre (Society Incorporated) Inc.